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the guide to diamonds

The 4Cs are the definitive, globally recognised standard for grading diamonds according to four criteria. If you are buying a diamond, particularly a solitaire diamond for an engagement ring, it is important to know what they mean and how they affect the value of a diamond.

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how to choose the perfect engagement ring

Discover how to find “the one” with our essential guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring, including selecting your centre stone and setting style.

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A guide to the most popular diamond shapes for an engagement ring

Otherwise known as the “cut”, the shape of a diamond is extremely important when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your engagement ring. Exploring the different options is one of the most exciting aspects of shopping for a ring because a diamond’s shape greatly affects the look and feel of a design.

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how to choose the perfect Wedding ring

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A guide to the different engagement ring settings

The setting of your engagement ring is one of the most important considerations when shopping for this jewel that will represent the love you share for many years to come. It determines the design and aesthetic more than any other factor while at the same time securing the stones firmly in place.

Discover the different types of engagement ring setting at Budrevich, each of which brings a diamond or coloured stone to life in its own unique way…

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