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Engagement Rings

The most meaningful jewel a woman will ever own, let us help you create the perfect proposal with our stunning collection of bespoke diamond and gemstone engagement rings, handcrafted in Hatton Garden.

Solitaire rings

A timeless classic, our collection of solitaire rings are designed to focus the attention on a single, spectacular centre stone.

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Three stone rings

Featuring three diamonds, hand-selected to display a harmonious balance, explore our collection of trilogy engagement rings.

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Halo rings

For breathtaking brilliance, our halo engagement rings are designed to amplify the beauty of a centre stone.

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Diamond set band rings

Designed to complement your solitaire stone, our diamond band rings are half, three-quarters or fully set with sparkling diamonds.

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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Discover how to find “the one” with our essential guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring, including selecting your centre stone and setting style.

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Quite simply, my engagement ring designed by and purchased from Budrevich is my favourite possession, not just due to the sentimental value that has been amplified by his time and care taken to collaborate with my partner to create my dream ring, but also because of the exquisite craftsmanship and quality that can not be rivaled elsewhere. On professional valuation, the gentleman viewing my ring complimented us continuously on the exceptional quality of not only the stone, but the setting also. Being a lover of designer quality I was tempted by a well known fine jewellery brand, but could not be happier with my one of a kind Budrevich of equal quality. I strongly urge anyone to visit here before making a decision on any special jewellery purchaces!

Susan Gay nee Hindle
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Susan Gay nee Hindle Review Product
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The Guide
To Diamonds

Just like a snowflake or fingerprint, no two diamonds are the same, with each sparkling stone bearing its own unique set of characteristics. Our Guide to Diamonds is here to help you understand these properties, giving you the knowledge you need to choose your perfect stone.

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These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Choosing an engagement ring should be an exciting experience, so our first advice is to enjoy every minute. Do plenty of research, consider the different diamond shapes and be open to trying different settings - often, our clients fall in love with a style of ring that wasn’t their first choice but which perfectly suits their hand and feels just right. If you are buying for a partner, your budget will have the biggest impact on the size of diamond, while the look of the ring will be influenced by her personality and style. Look in her jewellery box to find out whether she prefers minimalist or maximalist jewellery and, most importantly, ask her friends for advice - she might already have spoken to them about the engagement rings she likes, and they can help you pin down her style better than anyone else.

Tradition states that you should spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring, but this is more a rule of thumb and relies on how much savings and disposable income you have. In reality, one month’s salary can easily be enough to buy an engagement ring, depending on the size of the centre stone. If you are concerned that your chosen ring will bust the budget in a big way, speak to us and we can suggest ways in which you can get a similar look for less, including opting for a smaller centre stone or selecitng a diamond that is slightly further down the scale for clarity or colour.

If your heart is set on a surprise proposal, don’t let the fact that you don’t know her ring size deter you. There are various ways to find out her size without her knowing, including asking her friends for help and drawing round a ring that she already owns and wears on the same finger. Print out an online ring-sizing guide, compare the diameter of the ring you have drawn round and you should have a pretty accurate idea of her size. If you are still unsure, we advise to size up, rather than down, since resizing is then easier to do and it guarantees the ring will fit on her finger when you propose.

There are no rules to say that your engagement ring has to be a diamond. Many Budrevich clients opt for a coloured gemstone instead, usually a ruby or sapphire (and not just a blue one - sapphires come in the whole spectrum of colours, from yellow to green to rare peachy Padparadscha sapphires). Some clients also choose emerald engagement rings, but we would recommend approaching them with caution. While emeralds are hard stones, their natural inclusions make them a fragile option for a jewel that will be worn every day.