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Solitaire Engagement Rings

The purest expression of love, our solitaire engagement rings are timeless classics. Entirely made by hand in our Hatton Garden workshop, a scintillating stone is set upon a simple band, which can be further embellished with pavé diamonds.

OpheliaSolitaire Engagement Ring With Diamond Set Bezel & Bridge






SalsaSix Claw Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring




LektonFour Claw Compass Set Solitaire Engagement Ring


AriyaFour Claw Compass Set Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Your Invitation

Meet with a member of the Budrevich team to discuss your bespoke needs.

Invitation Background

In The Heart of Hatton Garden

We invite you to visit us at our studio in Hatton Garden, London, and experience the world of Budrevich first-hand.

Discover how we can create a bespoke jewel for you or your partner and meet the talented artisans who handcraft every Budrevich creation in our state-of-the-art workshop.

All in the Detail

From the moment you arrive for your first appointment to the completion of a jewel, our bespoke service is designed to put you at ease and welcome you into our world.

During your appointment you will get to speak directly to the artisan who will be creating your bespoke piece and, after your jewel has been made, we share photographs of the craftsmanship process — a unique memento of your experience with us.

Passionate About Our Craft

Our approach to jewellery making is uncompromising: we won’t settle for anything but the best.

Designed to last a lifetime, every Budrevich jewel is crafted by hand to the highest standards and never leaves our hands until we have achieved perfection.


These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

While there is no definitive answer and it really depends what your budget will allow, a 0.70 carat diamond is a popular choice for a centre stone because it looks just the right size - generous and eye-catching. Diamonds of 1 carat or more require a much bigger investment and make a very impressive statement. Conversely, even rings that are smaller than half a carat can be very precious and sparkly, particularly if you choose a round brilliant cut diamond.

They might look alike from the front, but not all solitaire diamond rings are made the same. The collet - the technical name for the metal that clasps the diamond - can be very intricate and beautiful, and to fully appreciate the detail, always view a ring from the side too. The claws that hold the diamond in place can differ from ring to ring also. At Budrevich we use the classic compass setting featuring four claws at east, south, north and west; talon claws that, as the name suggests, resemble the claws of a bird; and the six claw setting for extra security.

Yes, it is completely safe - our solitaire rings are handcrafted to be worn every day. With our engagement rings in particular, we advise checking your ring from time to time for wear and tear because diamonds can become loose in their settings over time. And don’t forget to bring your ring in for its annual jewellery check-up. Free of charge, once a year we will give your ring a thorough once-over, repairing and re-polishing it where necessary.

A solitaire ring refers to a type of jewel, typically an engagement ring, that features a single, prominently showcased gemstone. The term “solitaire” originates from the French word for “alone”, which accurately describes the design’s focus on a solitary gemstone. The classic aesthetic of a solitaire ring has made it a popular choice for engagement rings, symbolising the unification of a relationship and the enduring nature of love and commitment.