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How to choose the perfect wedding ring Image

How to choose the perfect wedding ring

Choosing your wedding ring can be tricky, particularly if you’re not familiar with all the different styles out there. A piece of jewellery that must be beautiful and sentimental as well as able to handle everyday wear and tear, at Budrevich we have matched many clients with the perfect wedding ring to mark one of the most special days of their life.

Read the Budrevich guide to choosing your wedding ring so that you’re armed with all the information you need to make the process simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

Establish your budget

1. Establish your budget

First things first: set a budget. This will help to narrow down your options while also preventing overspending.

2. Choose your metal

Wedding rings are available in various precious metals. Each has a different colour and characteristic, with gold and platinum the most popular. If you are looking for a white metal wedding ring, we recommend platinum – it is harder wearing than white gold and offers a cleaner, purer colour. For a classic look, 18 carat yellow gold is timeless and durable, while 18 carat rose gold is the perfect match for a rose gold engagement ring.

When choosing a ladies’ wedding ring, it is essential to consider which colours suit your skin tone best and the colour of your engagement ring — the two should complement each other.

3. Decide on the width

This will determine how much of your finger is covered by the ring. The best way to do this is to visit a jeweller and try on all the different options. At Budrevich we have a variety of sample wedding rings so you can find the perfect width to suit your hand in person considering your comfort and aesthetics.

4. Pick the style

Pick the style of wedding ring. Wedding rings range from simple round bands to those with bevels and facets for added visual interest, as well as shaped rings, called contoured wedding bands, that follow the curves of your engagement ring and sit flush beside it. Some engagement rings do not require a contoured band for the two rings to sit side by side. We call these ‘wed fit’ or ‘wedding band friendly’ rings, with most of our halo engagement rings falling in this category. However, if you have a non ‘wed-fit’ engagement ring, there are many options for bespoke contoured wedding rings to explore. For example, pinch and wishbone contours are great for solitaire rings with a pronounced bezel, whereas wave contours are designed to follow the shape of the three stones in a trilogy ring. We also have our tailored contoured wedding rings, which are meticulously handcrafted to sit flush with more unusual or custom engagement rings.

Taylored image


Taylored image


Taylored image



We handmake our wedding bands for a bespoke fit alongside your engagement ring so that each wedding ring sits perfectly, with no gaps.

Establish your budget

5. Add diamonds

Diamonds are a great way to inject some sparkle into both men’s and ladies’ wedding rings. As you wear your ring, the metal will lose its shiny lustre and require polishing. However, with a quick clean at home, diamonds will continue to shine just like the day you bought them. A diamond set wedding ring will sit harmoniously beside a diamond halo engagement ring and can help accentuate more subtle solitaires. When adding diamonds, it’s also important to consider the setting style. Some of our most popular settings include pavé set diamonds, which provide a greater feeling of security and a more subtle look compared to the more open scallop setting. Also the channel setting, a classic look that sets the diamonds within metal grooves, and the rub-over setting, which positions the diamonds in a circle of metal – a super secure setting with a very modern appearance.

For people with more active lifestyles, we suggest a 60% diamond set ring, which leaves the bottom of your ring plain so you don’t risk damaging the setting while keeping the option for resizing open.

channel setting image

channel setting

scallop setting image

scallop setting

Pave setting image

Pave setting

bezel setting image

bezel setting

6. Infuse personal flair

Finally, add your personal touches. We offer many options for personalising your wedding ring, from engraving a short message or initials to setting a secret gem on the inside of the band as an extra sentimental detail, transforming your bespoke jewel into a beloved family heirloom.

Infuse personal flair

When you visit our studio, we have a wide range of sample wedding rings that will help you to discover all the different styles and, with our bespoke service, allow you to adjust any detail to suit you perfectly.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, please let us know. We are always delighted to help create meaningful pieces for life’s most significant moments.

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