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How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Have you decided that the time has come to pop the question? Congratulations! The process of planning a proposal is incredibly exciting, but we understand that it’s not without its nerve-wracking elements. For most of us, an engagement ring is our first foray into the world of fine jewellery. Faced with endless possibilities, intimidating jargon and an internal pressure to get it right, it’s no surprise that the process can feel overwhelming to the average nervous shopper.

Luckily, this guide is here to dissipate your fears and walk you through some easy steps to finding the perfect engagement ring.

1. Ask for help

We appreciate that many suitors prefer to keep their plans top secret, but if you’re open to confiding in a trusted source, you might find the presence of another reassuring. Having someone on hand for a second opinion can chop the weight of the decision making process in half. For insightful tips and a reliable perspective, try asking somebody who knows your partner well — such as a sibling, close friend or parent of theirs.

Whether or not you decide to draft in a friend or family member, we encourage you to pick our brains, too. Our team here at Budrevich are knowledgeable, experienced and open to any questions you might have.

2. Establish your budget

Once upon a time, a shrewd marketer at De Beers declared that men should spend the equivalent of around three months’ salary on their engagement ring. Fast forward to the 21st century and this rule is now considered archaic, with engagement ring shoppers instead encouraged to be honest with themselves about what they can really afford. Think carefully about how much you’re willing to spend and allow this benchmark to inform your creative decisions moving forwards.

3. Choose your centrepiece

Arguably the most important aspect of an engagement ring is its crown. Whether you’re envisaging a single solitaire rock, a trilogy of neighbouring gems or a dazzling cluster, it’s inevitable that your ring’s head is the part which is going to catch attention and stick in minds.

First, think about the type of gemstone you’d like to incorporate. Timeless and durable, a high-grade white diamond is by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring, and our favourite to make magic with here at Budrevich. If your partner is drawn to the atypical and would prefer something a little less classic, however, coloured cardinal gems like rubies and sapphires also make great centrepieces for engagement rings. Resilient enough for day-to-day wear and available in a broad spectrum of hues, they offer up a multitude of design possibilities.

Your centre stone’s carat weight, cut and clarity must also be considered, not only because of their aesthetic qualities but based on how your budget accommodates. You can learn more about the “4Cs” of diamonds here.

4. Choose your metal

If your partner wears a watch or a staple pair of earrings day-to-day, take note of these accessories and allow them to inform you. Does she gravitate towards one particular metal? Most people like to match their jewellery, so conforming to her established colour scheme is a safe bet.

In the absence of an existing metal preference, you could instead choose the metal of her engagement ring based on your chosen gemstone. For example, cold metals like white gold or platinum best accentuate white diamonds and their sparkling brilliance, whilst warm red rubies are set off beautifully by yellow gold.

If you’re really stuck, skin tone is also a factor that can be taken into consideration. Cool, silver-toned metals like platinum and white gold tend to look beautiful against fair skin, whilst warmer and darker skin tones are complemented by equally warm-hued metals, like yellow or rose gold.

5. Have fun with finishing touches

An engagement ring is a highly personal piece of jewellery. Nothing says “I care” quite as romantically as a flourish designed by you. Just for her eyes, an inner-band inscription is a beautifully intimate way of putting your own stamp on a jewel; be it a significant date, the coordinates of a special location or a heartfelt message from you to her. Meanwhile, details like engraved patterns or visual motifs are a fun means of encapsulating her unique personality and sense of style.

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