A guide to the different engagement ring settings

A guide to the different engagement ring settings

The setting of your engagement ring is one of the most important considerations when shopping for this jewel that will represent the love you share for many years to come. It determines the design and aesthetic more than any other factor while at the same time securing the stones firmly in place.

Discover the different types of engagement ring setting at Budrevich, each of which brings a diamond or coloured stone to life in its own unique way.


Solitaire Engagement Ring Budrevich Jewellery Studio London
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The quintessential engagement ring style, the solitaire setting features a single, central stone set upon a simple band. Pure and minimalist, it's a timeless design that sets your diamond or coloured stone centre stage, with no additional flourishes to detract from its beauty. If you are looking for an engagement ring that combines simplicity and elegance, the solitaire setting is a true classic.

Diamond shoulder
solitaire setting

diamond shoulder solitaire-settings budrevich jewellery studio london
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Accentuating a solitaire stone with smaller diamonds set into the shoulders ‐ where the setting joins the upper part of the band - is a classic way to amplify the brilliance of your engagement ring. These elegant rows of accent diamonds add extra detail to simple solitaire settings and their subtle flashes of scintillation are the perfect complement to the sparkly halo engagement ring setting.

Halo setting

halo setting rings budrevich jewellery studio london
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The most striking of all the engagement ring settings, the halo is designed to deliver maximum scintillation. Placing a halo of smaller diamonds around a centre stone to form an intensely sparkly frame creates another layer of brilliance and has the effect of making the diamond appear larger. For even more impact, a diamond-set band works magnificently with this setting.

Three Stone

three stone settings trilogy engagement ring budrevich-jewellery-studio london bespoke wedding rings
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Also known as a trilogy ring, the three stone engagement ring setting is the embodiment of romance, with three stones said to represent the past, the present and the future. A stylish alternative to a solitaire engagement ring, a trio of diamonds set in a row is a classic three stone look, while a central diamond accompanied by two coloured stones on either side is a vibrant alternative. The side stones are more than simple embellishment. They guide the eye to the central stone and enhance its brilliance.