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Diamond Colour

The first C of diamond grading is colour, which is somewhat misleading because white diamonds are actually evaluated based on their absence of colour, on a scale of D to Z. D colour diamonds, which are rare and very valuable, are completely colourless while Z colour diamonds have a visible light yellow or brown hue.

The transition from one colour to the next is incredible subtle — so much so that, unless you are an industry expert, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. These minute colour distinctions make a big difference to the value of a diamond, however, and play a factor in the decision-making process when it comes to choosing the diamond for your engagement ring.

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On the GIA Colour Grade scale, which is the industry standard for determining a diamond's colour, D–F colour diamonds are described as colourless, while G–J colour diamonds are considered near-colourless. Exceptionally transparent, D–F colour diamonds are the gold standard for engagement rings, with a barely discernible difference between them. G and H colour diamonds also make excellent centre stones for an engagement ring, with the colour impurities very difficult to detect, particularly with the human eye.