The Art Of Jewellery Making

Do you need a ring that takes the breath away when you ask for her hand?
Or a truly special gift to celebrate a special moment - that leaves your loved one speechless?  
Where do you find that one precious piece of jewellery – something that’s stunning, timeless and unique?
You don’t have to – it’s our job to take your idea and create a piece that’s individual,
innovative and exactly what you are looking for
We turn your ideas into reality…


The world’s finest jewellery is handmade - piece by piece - by jewellery artisans who are steeped in their craft. It takes time, skill and patience, but the final product is perfect. This is how we work - using hand tools to transform precious metals and gemstones into unique works of art. We tap into our many years of experience in the craft of jewellery-making, and use a vast array of different techniques and processes, to make each piece. And as we are creating bespoke jewellery, something with your own unique message, understanding your vision lies at the heart of the process. This is why everything starts with you.  


We invite you to our Hatton Garden studio for a meeting, where we talk about your design ideas and budget. You don’t have to be specific, we help you with everything. We’ll also show you a range of beautiful stones that may suit you and some items from our own collection – designs and stones that are close to your vision. This helps us understand your concept, but – if something catches your eye – you can buy there and then. If your idea is really unusual, and we have nothing similar, we’ll draw up some designs to show how your jewellery will look. When you’re happy, it’s time for the creative process to begin. 


We take all you’ve told us and get to work. Of course, you can call at any time to see how your jewellery is progressing. If your design is particularly unusual, or you’re worried about the process, we can produce and send you a 3D model. This shows what your finished piece will look like, and allows you to suggest any changes. When your jewellery is finally ready – and we are sure it is absolutely flawless – the precious moment comes when you visit our studio and see it for the very first time. Or, we can send your piece straight to you by secure courier. And then it’s yours – a unique artwork that is an everlasting symbol of your love and devotion.


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