Ariya, Solitaire Engagement Rings compass set diamond solitaire handcrafted by hatton garden jewellers budrevich in london classic compass set solitaire made in hatton garden bespoke made compass set diamond solitaire engagement ring by hatton garden jewellers budrevich


Compass Set Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Set on a smooth, polished band that tapers as it joins the round brilliant diamond at its centre, our ARIYA compass set solitaire diamond engagement ring is an eternal classic. When viewed from the side, the exquisite intricacy of the collet – the circular rim into which the diamond has been set – is revealed. Comprised of entwined streams of gold, it is a delicate but defined detail that makes the design of this unique engagement ring endlessly fascinating. The ARIYA engagement ring is available in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold.

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